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About us

Founded in 1956
by Librado Piña and John W. Lewis in Laredo, TX.
Over the years the business later incorporated two of Mr. Pina's son, and now is in its third generation of family brokers.

National Customs Broker License

for major coverage.
We expanded our coverage to include all major U.S Southern Border Ports with our national customs broker license.

Strategic locations

Librado Piña Inc. has offices located on both sides of the border to make importing and exporting easy and less hectic.
This allows fast communication and reaction time, while keeping billing easy and simple with one invoice for all services rendered.
Employees + 150
employees throughout the U.S & Mexico.
Our trained & motivated team of professionals deliver integrated services. Services to meet your Import/Export, warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding needs, with the highest degree of customer service.
Trusted name in the

International Community

Librado Piña also develops its own systems inhouse.
We are always striving for modernization to help streamline your import/export process.
Known as one of the most

Highly Automated Brokers

in the United States.
Our programs are built client specific, and can be accessed via web to maximize utilization.

Mission & Vision


We strive to focus our energy towards developing and maintaining long lasting business relationships, building stronger ties in our customer-client relations, while continuing to innovate and bring cost savings to our customers.


To provide the best customer broker experience to our customers, while continuing to innovate.


We promise to continue to always strive for maximum customer relations, and commit to providing a personalized service for warehouse, customs, and logistics services.

Our Success


Within the boundaries of the twelve spacious acres which L.P.I. encompasses, 100,000 square feet of covered warehouse space, a private railroad spur track and covered stock areas are in constant use servicing the many clients which L.P.I. has acquired throughout the years.


Parking facilities for over 200 trailers, 15 forklifts and 20 tractor trailers add to the efficient and professional manner in which daily operations are managed.


An expansion of 50,000 to 80,000 square feet of additional covered warehouse space are in the projected planning stages. L.P.I. attributes its success to expertise in import/export management, adequate facilities, proficient personnel and a prime location in South Texas.

l.p.i. custom house brokers

Laredo has been recognized as an all-American City and we are honored to support and contribute to the growth of this flourishing city which is a major artery into Mexico.

About us

Lewis & Piña Custom Brokers was established
Librado Piña Sr. becomes a US Customs broker and went into partnership with John W. Lewis to establish Lewis & Piña Custom Brokers. Mr. Lewis and Librado Piña Sr., started their business at 120 Market St., which prospered and eventually moved to 402 Chihuahua St. in 1965.
Lewis announced his retirement /The firm changed its name to Librado Piña, Inc
Due to continued growth, the operation was moved to 1200 Guatemozin St. in 1973. Lewis announced his retirement the same year and the firm changed its name to Librado Piña, Inc.
Humberto Piña Sr. becomes a US Customs Broker
Humberto officially becomes the 2nd generation of the Piña family to become a US Customs House Broker.
Librado Piña Jr. becomes a US Customs Broker
Librado Piña Jr. becomes the second son to join the family tradition and become a 2nd generation US Customs house broker in the Piña family.
LPI changes offices
As Librado Piña Inc. continues to outgrow its facilities at that time, it went ahead and moved to what is now its corporate office/warehouse in Los Tejas industrial park. The new facility provided a 100,000 sq. ft in warehouse, 12 acres with over 200 trailer spaces, a 6,000 sq. ft main office, and the largest private rail spur in Laredo, TX. This move allowed L.P.I. to maximize the location for its future growth.
LPI receives their National License
Librado Piña Inc. receives their national customs broker license, allowing us to conduct US customs business in any port in the continental United States.
Librado Piña III becomes a US Customs Broker
Librado Piña III. becomes the 3rd generation broker to join the family tradition in becoming a US Customs house broker.
Mexican customs brokerage division is created
In order to better serve our customers, Librado Piña Inc. partnered with two Mexican brokers and created its own Mexican customs broker entity. L.P.I. owns and operates this division providing transparent and seamless cross border solutions for our customers offering the complete door to door service inhouse.
Refrigerated warehouse
Librado Piña Inc. is constantly adapting to the changing market and saw a need for a trusted cold storage in Laredo,TX, and renovated its warehouse making a state-of-the-art refrigerated warehouse. The new facility consists of racked 40,000 sq. ft to help with all fresh produce crossing thru Laredo, TX.
Current Status
Today L.P.I.'s corporate office is located at 8901 San Mateo Drive in the Tejas Industrial Park in North Laredo. Initially, L.P.I. handled 3,000 shipments per year. Now it is a multi-faceted enterprise boasting record port entries in this border city and continuously seeking to set new records in shipments. Our current operations are from McAllen, TX all the way to Calexico, CA and multiple Mexican ports. 2019 was a record-breaking year with LPI handling over 170,000 northbound and southbound shipments combined throughout all its ports combined.